Co-creation night 3, part 1: what does it mean to be free?

During the third round of our co-creation nights, about 50 attendees brainstormed about how we can truly experience freedom. We've listed the results on this page, and we'll be using this overview in the processes of designing the terrain and the program. Feel free to leave more comments!

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Freedom of Emotion

Feeling included

Everybody is welcome in every part of the space. We create a space of connection and belonging and interaction. We feel that we can basically ask anyone anything (without fearing a negative reaction).

Fully being yourself

Having the time and means to express yourself and let life flow without expectation. Following your impulses and intuition. Being authentic and pure

Stay true to your present needs

Taking full responsibility for yourself and your needs. Starting with yourself and being aware of yourself. Asking yourself and do what you want in this very moment. Sticking to your values and thinking about what you do.


Opening and revealing yourself, being honest, sharing (your feelings) (proactively), having an open and inviting attitude, showing your vulnerability.


Feeling the space and people are free of judgement, free of stereotyping, free of opinionating. Everyone is accepted as they are. There is no need to feel shame.


Intimicy comes without expectation or attachment. Intimicy is not taken for granted. Intimicy is handled with great care as another's boundaries could be crossed unintentionally/quickly. For example looking versus staring at naked people.

Experience personal feelings

For example: inspiration, adventure, surprise, energy, explosion, ecstasy, passion, desire, anger, sadness, relaxation.


Working with, confronting and overcoming fears, insecurities and false beliefs.

Freedom through Doing

Doing things together with others

For example: having eye contact, talking, eating, arts and crafts, cuddling, massages, outdoor and indoor games.

Doing things alone or with others

For example: running around, walking barefoot, walking on sand, swimming, rolling in the mud, climbing, meditate, dressing up, crying, screaming, making music, being naked

Doing things for your well-being

Taking good care of yourself, feeling free to ask others for support.

Supporting others' well-being

Comforting others or offering them help.

Self-development and discovery

Being curious, experimenting, exploring (new sides of yourself), trying new things, moving out of your comfort zone, opening your horizon.


Embracing and exploring your sexuality, possibly in new ways. Either in a workshop, a dedicated area or in a less guided way.

Freedom through Boundaries

One's own boundaries

Communicating clearly and openly what you do and don't want, and where your boundaries are (without having to defend them). Feeling free to say "no".

Other people's boundaries

Trusting that others indicate their boundaries. Learning about other people's boundaries. Embracing each other's boundaries.


We're free of society's framework and norms, but do have clear guidelines and agreement within the group. Hence, a clear playing field.

Freedom in Environment


Spend (some/enough) time outside and in nature.

Setting and decorations

Different colors: play with amount of light (use solar energy). There could be balloons, moving objects, different smells in different areas (play with sense of smell). Have organized/professional performances.


Music should be organic: desired if it leads you to subconscious atmospheres. If someone listens to or makes their own music aloud, it should be played in consent with others.